About Us

Abaco Cost Segregation is a Cost Segregation firm based in Dallas, Texas. We help commercial real estate owners increase cash flow.

Members of the firm have completed over 800 cost segregation studies in 31 states since 2004. Although most of our work is in the Southwest, our practice and client list is national in scope.

At Abaco Cost Segregation, we:

  • Keep abreast and monitor all relevant commercial real estate tax savings opportunities
  • Produce final reports that meet and exceed the highest standards set forth by the IRS
  • Ensure that senior management works on all projects
  • Provide asset review studies and asset retirement studies
  • Provide 45L tax studies
  • Are committed to providing great customer service including communicating effectively and efficiently with CPAs and commercial real estate owners
  • Attend relevant cost segregation industry conferences
  • Continually network with industry colleagues
  • Maximize your tax savings while maintaining the highest standards of integrity
  • Provide free audit support if necessary

Many ask where the “Abaco” name comes from. The “Abaco” name derives from the Abaco Barb horse that is a rare horse breed. Abaco Barb horses are known for being very tough and resilient. The breed originated from the heat of the Mediterranean region and the deserts of Northern Africa. This has created a breed that has stamina and strength.

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Ernie Garza (Rio Grande Valley Office)

Abaco Cost Segregation
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